About Us

Established in the year 2000, Mothi Ice Creams is one among the largest Manufacturers of Ice Creams within Middle and North Karnataka. Mothi Ice Creams incorported in 2000 which is a flagship company of Mothi Group, which has turnover of more than Rs.100 Crores. Mothi ice creams are not only popular in Middle and North Karnataka, but also in the Bangalore Region .

It was as early as 2004, when Mothi Ice creams envisioned the need for Ice Creams for modern homes. And thus from April 2003 Mothi Ice Creams came into existence to cater to the taste buds of millions of Bangaloreans who love and appreciate the taste of Ice Creams.

The reason behind this popularity lies in the variety of flavours and the high quality it offers. Mothi ice creams are prepared at its state-of-the-art plants located in Davangere, Karnataka. All the standards of hygiene and quality control are observed at these plants. Mothi has always adopted the latest and the most suitable technique for preparing its ice creams. The motto behind this is to give its customers the best products and retain a satisfactory smile on their faces.
Mothi Ice cream boasts of world class standards in area of product quality. Every batch of ingredient goes through a stringent quality control before taken for production. The quality standards are in consonance with international norms, and no effort is spared to ensure world class product reaches the hands of the end users.

Our Aim is to :
1) To make the Best Possible Ice Cream.
2) Use Natural Authentic Flavours and wholesome Ingredients , Home made where possible.
3)Respect our Customers and our Team at Mothi Ice Creams.
4)Reduce Carbon Foot print and Wastages where we can.
5)Ensuring the Highest Possible Quality assured by the FSSAI Accreditation.
6) Finally to be Happy and Content.

Our company operates with a strong, core set of values – passion, integrity, excellence, simplicity and naturalness – and has gone from strength to strength since its creation. We are continually updating our tastes and flavours, but always in keeping with the changing seasons and high standards of Ice Cream. Mothi’s dedication will help it cross several milestones of success in coming future and Karnataka’s leading brand will become India’s and world’s most prominent brand.